FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) The most popular questions from our customers when using Hachium flatform are posted and updated here

General questions

How long can I try Hachium for free?

Hachium allows you to use and experience our service in our Basic package without any cost during 14 days. You will not be charged for unlimited uploading videos, lectures, courses on Hachium flatform.

Do I need to sign contract with Hachium when using its service?

It's completely up to you. Because in case you choose to make payment montly or longer period to get promotion discount of Hachium, or when you require sale contract, Hachium will directly contact you to build a contract for service package you are using.

Where will my data be stored? How can you protect them?

Hachium will store your data in serve computer, multilayer sercurity to ensure your course safety. Hachium also provides SSL free code for all schools. From school using Professional Package, we offer you 3 other features: download prohibition, accounts sharing and screen recording restriction.

Questions about revenues and expenses

How will I collect the revenue of my e-learning website?

With the bank transfering payment method, you will directly get revenue (cash) by you bank account. Hachium will automatically record possible transaction fees and finalise them within the first 5 days the next month.

With methods using e-payment portals (Alepay, Paymentwall, phonecard, etc.), Hachium will collect and finalise those revenue for schools within the first 5 days of the next month.

How will service prices change when upgrading packages?

In case you are using the current package and you want to upgrade to higher package, you just need to pay for the difference between two packages in the remaining time. If you pay for longer period than the current package, the exceed months will charge at the normal price. Promotions and discounts are independent from this service pricing. You can upgrade service plan whenever you want.

How can I pay for the service plan?

You can use credit cards, bank accounts or you can directly transfer to Hachium via information we provide in Upgrade tab on school's administration site.

Will I have to pay for new updated features?

All new updated features in the plan are free for those who have paid for that plan. You never need to pay any extra-cost for developing Hachium's features and products. However, some features are only in upper plan, they are inaccessable and unusable if you do not upgrade your current package.

Questions about operation and business

I have neither created a lecture nor an e-learing course, I don't know how to start.

Hachium provides users with full Ebook about e-learning courses business introduction, references on blog and "Using introduction website". If you need to find partners to build content and record videos together, Hachium can connect you to experts in those fields so that you can launch your website more quickly.

How long does it take me to create an e-learning website with Hachium?

There is no need to spend millions or even billions dollars and wait for months to build only one website. Just about 10 minutes to sign up an account, follow Hachium's instruction and you'll have your own school with full features: teaching - learning, payment, students administration and details incomes statements, etc.

How many author account can I use in my website?

It depends on which service plan you are using. With the highest plan of Hachium recently, there are up to 15 author accounts in only 1 website. Other companies or education centers who want more accounts, please contact us for further information of "Business" Plan.

Can I use my domain?

Yes, you can totally choose your own domain.

Will the number of courses be limited?

No. You can create infinite courses as you want and Hachium will not charge any extra cost for it.

Will the number of students be limited?

No. We do not limit the scale of your school as well as charge any extra cost.

If I stop using Hachium service, will my uploaded lectures be stored?

Hachium will not store of use your content for commercial purposes. You can choose to delete all content when you stop using our service or save them on Hachium server and reactivate whenever you want.

Will I get an user guide when signing up for Hachium service?

Hachium will provide you with a full user guide and instruction on our website, Hachium's blog and users community. You can choose to be supported by our service officers via hotline or email during using process.

If you have any questions for Hachium, feel free to contact us

Hachium is always willing to answer your questions as well as solve your problems related to our products. We encourage customers to contact us whenever they find difficulties with using Hachium service via live-chat or email address: hello@hachium.com. Our technical assistance team and customer support officers will support you 24/7 on online systems and hotline.